A Prayer to receive the Love of Christ

Jesus I acknowledge that this time this moment, is just for me. You have a specific, intentional love for me. That is not for me to pour out to others, but for me to receive for my benefit. For my comfort, for my joy, for my relationship with you.

I receive now your love for me. I open my heart to receive your kindness for me. Your patience for me. Jesus I receive your genuine care for me. I acknowledge that I feel demands and pressures, but those aren’t from you, because your love for me is not demanding. Jesus I receive that you are not bothered by me, you are no fed up with me, or annoyed by my neediness. I receive that I cannot get in your way, or interrupt you because your eyes are on me.

Jesus I receive that you don’t hold my mistakes against me, you are always willing to step back into relationship with me, trust me with new ventures, and call me into more.

Father I receive the truth that you are not happy when I am in pain, your do not rejoice in my heartache. I receive the truth that you won’t give up on me and you continue to have faith in me.

I receive your hope for me and your perseverance for me. You are always looking out for me, working on my behalf and setting things up in my favor.

This is the love you have for me, this is how deeply I am loved. I receive it just for me. Amen