A Prayer to receive HOPE

A Pause – For Hope

Welcome the practice of pausing. Learning to Pause is one of the ways in which we can experience the intimacy of God and begin to live into the Fullness of Christ. The concept of “Pausing” is quite simple. It begins by centering yourself on God and His Truth. We do this by reading Scriptures that pertain exactly to what we are hoping to experience. Then we pray into those truths and ask Jesus to bring what we are looking for. If you’ve chosen this track, you’re looking for Hope. Good Choice in these days. Let’s get to it.

In your Bible turn to Psalm 139:23. Read this verse a couple of times. Don’t rush the process. Take a deep breath and allow the words to sink in.

Settle in to pray here. – “I come to you Jesus for peace of mind. I give my mind to you. Capture my every thought. I surrender all the news, worry, speculation and everything grabbing my attention. I give you my thoughts, all of my mental life. My focus, my memory, my recall, my understanding and my imagination. I dedicate the life of my mind to you Jesus and you alone.

Turn to Romans 8:6 – After reading the verse pause on the truth. Then pray: “Holy Spirit come fill my mind, and my thoughts with life and peace.” Now pray it again. Out loud if possible.

Turn to 1 Corinthians 2:16. Remember there is no hurry necessary. You aren’t going to miss out by going slow. Now we Pray. “I pray to be one mind with you Jesus. One thought, one imagination, one mental life. I receive the mind of Christ.” Repeat that to yourself. Out loud if possible.

Flip to Philippians 4:6-8 . Now take a minute to think about something beautiful, something that reminds you of the goodness of God. It can be a sweet memory, a favorite place. Remembering these moments remind us of God goodness and his heart for us. Linger there for a moment. When you are ready read Psalm 1:1-3. This is what happens when we walk with God.

Read Romans 15:13. Read it again. Slowly. Then Pray. “Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit heal hope in me. Restore hope in me. I pray to overflow with hope by the Spirits power within me.”

Now Psalm 23:1-4. “Jesus is with me, always I have everything I need.” Repeat that. Out loud if possible. “Jesus is with me, always. I have everything I need.” Linger with that for a moment.

Continue with Psalm 23:5. “Even in this broken world, God still has a feast for me.” Repeat that. Linger with that thought.

Turn to Revelation 21:5. Then Pray. “My losses are only temporary. A great restoration is coming for me.” Pray that again. Slowly. Let it sink in. Notice hope rising within you. Stick with that.

Well Done.