A Prayer for WORSHIP

A Pause – For Worship

Welcome the practice of pausing. Learning to Pause is one of the ways in which we can experience the intimacy of God and begin to live into the Fullness of Christ. The concept of “Pausing” is quite simple. It begins by centering yourself on God and His Truth. We do this by reading Scriptures that pertain exactly to what we are hoping to experience. Then we pray into those truths and ask Jesus to bring what we are looking for. If you’ve chosen this track, you’re looking to Worship God. Good Choice. Let’s get to it.

In your Bible turn to 1 Peter 5:6-7. Read this verse a couple of times. Don’t rush the process. Take a deep breath and allow the words to sink in.

Then Pray – “Jesus, I give everyone and everything to you. I give everyone and everything to you. God”.

Again, don’t rush this prayer, you don’t have anywhere to be. Pray it a couple times until you feel your body relax into Jesus.

Turn to John 17:22-23. Remember there is no hurry necessary. You aren’t going to miss out by going slow. Now we Pray.

“Heal my union with you God. I am created for union with you Father. Restore our union.”

Now turn to Ephesians 3:19 – and again we pray: “Jesus fill me with more of your love. Fill me with you River of life. Saturate me in your love. Saturate me with your life.” Linger with this prayer for a moment. Allowing this to sink in is the goal here.

When you’re ready, Read Mark 12:28-30. Now we pray. “I love you God. I Worship you. I declare that you are good.” Pray that again, slowly. Out loud if possible. “I give you my heart, my sound, my mind, my strength. You are love. Life is found in you, and I worship you.”

Turn to Psalm 145:1-3. Good. Now read it again. Slowly.

Begin with something you are thankful for. “I give thanks to you Father. Thank you for your goodness to me” Linger here be specific. No need to hurry. “I give you thanks Father. Thank you for your goodness to me.”

Now think of something you love specifically. A person, a place, an item, a pet…anything. This will turn your heart towards God’s Goodness and remind you who He is. “I love you God, I worship you. I declare that you are Good.”

Continue to express your love for Jesus. Tell him why you love Him. Just spend time loving Jesus.

Well Done.